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Pins Car Assistant Fleet Manager Fleet Manager Fleet Manager
Pins Car Assistant Fleet Manager Basic Fleet Manager Fleet Fleet Manager Fleet+CAN
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185.00 PLN
219.00 PLN
259.00 PLN
259.00 PLN

Basic functions

Several types of maps 1 1 3 6 6
The current position of the vehicle
Vehicle address
Sharing your position on Google Maps
Vehicle speed
Maximum speed
Average speed
Battery voltage

Warnings and communications

Maintenance reminder
Policy ending warning
Collision notification
Theft warning
Overspeed alarm
Low battery voltage warning

Vehicle management

Vehicle list
Extensive vehicle information
Possibility to deactivate vehicles

Client management

Database of customers and contacts
Handling orders assigned to clients
Providing vehicles and their parameters to clients

Order management

Database and archive of orders
Orders sent to the driver
Sending orders to clients for approval
Observation of the order and the vehicle by the customer
Mapping the driving route
Setting up route alarms, etc.

Driver management

Dedicated application for drivers: order management, chat, alarms
Driver IDs to start the car
Settlement of working time without a tachograph
Confirmation of receipt of the car by the driver using the application

POI (points of interest) management

List of checked parkings with ratings
POI list

Report generator

GPS based mileage report
CAN based mileage report
GPS parameters report
CAN parameter report
Alarm report
Thermometer report
Digital inputs report
Door opening report
Refueling report
Fuel consumption report
Eco-driving report
Border crossing report
Simplified border crossing report

Possible CAN features

CAN data
Fuel quantity (liters,%)
Current and total fuel consumption (report)
Current and total mileage (report)
Exact vehicle speed
Pedal position
Ignition and the presence of a key
Engine data (run time, revolutions, load, temperature, hood opening)
Opening the doors and the car boot
Closing the vehicle and locking the vehicle with the remote control
Enabling and emulating an alarm

Possibility to connect additional sensors

Driver IDs
Wired and wireless thermometers, e.g. for measuring temperature in the cargo area
Driver and load door opening sensors, e.g. to receive a door open warning

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Additional options

An additional package of 365 ignition locks from mobile application (in the subscription price, the user has 10 ignition locks).

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