Vehicle products

A group of products enabling GPS monitoring of vehicles with a multitude of additional functions for more demanding users. Depending on the product you choose, you can get a solution that suits your needs. The vehicle's position is transferred to the system every 60 seconds as standard, compared to up to 10 minutes in other systems.

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A universal system that allows you to operate gates, doors, barriers, central locks using a smartphone and a dedicated communication module.

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Ferguson Home

Ferguson Home is an ecosystem of a smart and safe home. It is a combination of devices that will ensure the safety of residents and an intuitive mobile application, thanks to which you will be informed about a disturbing event or set parameters that are appropriate for you.

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Ferguson Smart Home

Rescue without barriers

Rescue without barriers is a combination of the operation of barrier control modules and a convenient mobile application that opens gates and is intended for emergency services.

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Rescue without barriers
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